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About Eagle Lubricants

Eagle is a young and energetic addition to lubricants and petroleum industry. With a professional organizational structure, we are practicing responsible social and moral ethics to ensure a stand out option for our clients.

We believe that our transparent business practices are one of the strongest reasons of satisfaction for our clients and business partners. We strive to set new and improved performance standards in industry to provide stand out products and services from competition.

At Eagle, we manufacture performance based latest generation lubricants. Our focus is to produce new products to meet the ever changing demands of modern industry. That’s why we concentrate on the factors which are most critical such as Improved productivity, Reduced cost, Use of latest technology for optimum performance of our products, Workers safety and Environmental impact control.

With ISO certified production facility, Exone offers high performance lubricants which master the highest requirements. Our lubricants develop their whole performance spectrum in the symbiosis with engines, drives,chains, bearings and hydraulic systems. This is all achieved by constant field research and development with application technology. With comprehensive technical solutions and factory direct supply channels, we provide the service,value and quality that our customers expect.

In process of excellence, various OEM approvals are in process which will further certify our products.

As a conclusion, Eagle proudly offers the clients; our high quality standards of products, the wide know how, the extraordinary service and absolute reliability.

Our mission

At Eagle,we believe that individual achievement is not our goal. We are committed to step forward along our most valuables – Our Clients and Business Partners.

Together we believe to become a choice solution to all the lubricant needs of Automotive, Industrial and Marine industries all around the world.


Quality production is one of our primary core values. That’s why we take no chances on the production procedures and components which could in any way compromise our primary concerns.

For the same reasons, our products are regularly tested in labs which are optimally equipped with latest facilities as well as analytic and technical test equipment. Hence our products are tested on highest international standards before they are to be applied in daily practices.

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Core Value

At Eagle we commit to deliver the best by holding fast to our commitment. We understand what values the most in a successful business enterprise and we adhere to the same i.e.

- Reliability
- Trusted Quality
- Protection of Environment
- Professional Customer Support
- Cost Effective Products

We constantly pursue and apply these standards of excellence to be proved as a successful and responsible corporate business enterprise.

Our Team

Our employees are our most valuable asset. At Eagle we have gathered proven professionals of their fields to join hands and create the outstanding option for clients all across the globe. We ensure the same by providing our team with a challenging working environment where professional growth, encouragement of new ideas, individual empowerment and effective coordination in experienced on daily basis.

Their goal is to sue their expertise to ensure best only solutions for our company and our valuable clients. Together they strive to provide exceptional products and services to our clients, taking us one step closer to our mission statement.

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